The Agile Messaging Service
with Global Connectivity

Begin with ALXI's SMS APIs or choose SMPP for higher volume sending.

What We Do

SMBs, SMEs and Large Enterprises — we have you covered.


Our SMS APIs enable you to integrate messaging into your application within minutes and not days.


SMS aggregators and higher volume senders can connect to us in seconds via the industry standard protocol.


Smaller volume senders can upload messages in a CSV file format with full scheduling support.

Pre-defined Routing

Whether it's delivery in seconds or non-time-critical sends, we adapt our routing to suit you. Need a branded sender ID? Want to pay on delivered and not submitted? We have options.


By offering you multiple levels of priority, we enable you to jump your own queue. Perfect for running marketing campaigns and sending time-critical notifications all at once.


We believe in knowing the outcome of every message sent. By providing you with delivery insights, you are able to analyse the quality of your data and strip out the bad stuff for next time.

Our Mission

Having delivered 600+ million SMS last year, we're often asked "what's next?".

SMS stands for "Short Message Service" but we think it's more like, "Simple Message Service". SMS is now a commodity. Whatever route your messages take, they typically end up at the major carriers for delivery.

So, our mission is two fold: To provide you with fantastic SMS APIs and unparalleled SMS messaging rates. By connecting to a variety of upstream carriers, SMS aggregators and utilising our own in-house network infrastructure we have some "weird and wonderful" ways to ensure your messages deliver when you want them to. All without breaking the bank.

ALXI gets its name from combining the first two letters of the Greek numeral "ALpha" which has a value of 1 plus the Greek numeral "XI" which has a value of 60. How many characters are in an SMS? 160 :)